The Solarium / Sun Room Roof.

The main types of roofs are: pitched / sloping and flat / deck / terrace.

However, thesolarium or sun room roofis a special case. This roof is usually fully glazed to take advantage of the sunlight while being sheltered inside. The majority of sun room roofs are pitched or sloping and may be of different forms:

  • Single Slope.
  • Three sides.

Materials for the sun room / solarium roof.

There are various materials which can be used for the roof of a sun room or sun porch to allow in light:

Glass :
  • Good esthetics.
  • More expensive.
  • Heavy.
  • Causes a greenhouse effect conserving heat inside.
  • Curtains can be used to limit the heating effect of the sun.
Opaque plates :
  • Usually white.
  • Do not allow light to enter.
  • Good insulators.
Polycarbonate panels :
  • Less attractive, the most widely used solution.
  • Insulate well and easy to install.
  • They can be treated to reflect sunlight. 
  • Durability is low.
The conventional roofing materials (shingles, tile, slate, etc.) can also be used on a porch structure. However, these solutions are less common because they require the construction of a sloping roof.

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