Roof Maintenance.

Whether it is a sloping roof or flat roof, it must be maintained in good condition in order to retain its protective properties.

Each element of the roof should be inspected and maintained regularly. It is best to hire a professional roofing contractor or maintenance company who will be able to carry out reliable maintenance and access the roof safely.

Inspection of the roof

Maintenance normally requires the inspection of:

The framework: in the case of older buildings. Most new roofing frames are designed and constructed to last a long time.

The attic: an inspection of the attic a few times a year should ensure that there is no

  • infiltration of water into the roof structure

  • accumulation of moisture in the roof or the insulation

The insulation: this should be checked regularly to ensure it is dry.


  • leaves and other debris that may accumulate around them should be cleared away.
  • roof windows should be inspected for damage to the sealing or insulation. 

Roof covering:

  • On a flat roof, regular cleaning of the roof covering should be carried out, or care taken with the vegetation coverage if appropriate.
  • On pitched roofs, maintenance will depend on the material used : tiles, shingles, slate, wood, clay, concrete, or stone must be maintained regularly. They should be cleaned, dead leaves removed and broken parts replaced.

Rain water drains: gutters and downspouts should be inspected at least once a year to ensure:

  • They are not clogged.
  • There are no leaks.
  • Any debris and rubbish that has accumulated in and around these elements is removed.

Gaining access to and working on the roof usually requires special equipment and experience and is best done by a qualified professional roofing and maintenance contractor.

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