Pitched Roof Openings.

A pitched / sloped roof consists of various components: the structure, the insulating elements, the ventilation of the roof space, the roof covering, the water drainage system and apertures.

The roof apertures / openings:

If the space immediately under the roof is used as living space, roof windows can help illuminate and ventilate the living area.

pitched roof openings

These openings can therefore:

  • Illuminate the room or the attic beneath the roof.
  • Ventilate the attic or beneath the roof.
  • Add to the aesthetic of the property.

The installation of a new roof aperture / window into an existing roof requires the creation of an opening in the timber frame and the implementation of a device to strengthen it. This is best carried out by a professional roofing contractor.

Types of roof openings

There are various different types of roof apertures ranging from the purely practical to the aesthetic:

  • The simple flap: a small opening to simply provide ventilation
  • The canopy: a part of the roof is glazed.
  • The skylight: This construction looks like a small house placed on top of the roof. It has openings in its walls.
  • The attic /dormer roof window: a vertical window which consists of:
    • One or more apertures.
    • Two sides or walled glass.
    • A roof.
  • Flat roof window: a window located in and on the same plane as the roof

There is a wide variety of window styles available for roofs, distinguished by their architecture. For example:

  • The bull's-eye is a circular window.
  • Attic / Dormer window which in standard form is surmounted by a gable roof.
  • The window alcove or hipped roof topped by a three-sided structure.

Roof apertures / windows can be subtle or bold, with a regional, classic, luxurious or modern look, while serving to ventilate and brighten the space under the roof.

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