The Pitched / Sloping Roof.

This is one of the most popular types of roof found on houses built in the USA.
Common types of roofs include: pitched / sloping and flat or terraced roofs.

pitched / sloping roof

The pitched / sloping roof, as its name suggests, is formed by the roof space being built on a slope.
A pitched / sloping roof consists of several elements:

  • The structure: supporting other elements of the roof.
  • Elements of insulation: a layer of material that provides thermal protection.
  • The roof screen: additional protection improving the protective qualities of the roof and the life of its components.
  • The ventilation of roof space: aeration of the empty space between the elements of the roof.
  • The roof covering: material forming the last layer of protection for the roof, visible from the outside.
  • The drainage system: enabling rainwater to be discharged into a water recovery system.
  • The apertures: windows or skylights in the roof allowing light to penetrate and for ventilation.
In addition, there are several shapes of sloping roofs.

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