Flat Roof Cleaning.

A roof requires maintenance, first inspecting it regularly, and also cleaning. It is possible to clean the roof yourself, as long as your roof is flat or only slightly inclined, and your house does not have more than one floor.

If your roof is steep or if your house is multi-storey, it is best to call a professional roofing maintenance provider or contractor.

Remove stains and plant growth

Cleaning of the roof is recommended at least once every year to avoid staining and prevent the build-up of moss or lichen.

There are two common methods for roof cleaning:

roof cleaning

Using a stiff brush and water is effective in many cases at removing any light build up of dirt, moss and suchlike. After brushing, the roof should be rinsed, using a hose, from top to bottom. Make sure to remove all debris from gutters before rinsing to avoid them becoming clogged.

Roof cleaning can also be done using a pressure washer. This technique should be applied carefully as it may erode the tiles and make them more susceptible to dirt.

Also remember to cut any tree branches that may be overhanging the roof. (If the branches are high up, use a pole pruner.) This will help prevent falling leaves gathering on the roof and potentially blocking the gutters or downpipes.

Deep cleaning of the roof and additional roof protection

In the case of heavily stained or discolored roof there are various specialized cleaning treatments which can be carried out to restore the roof its former glory and protect it from further algae and plant growth for years.

It is also possible to help preserve the roof covering against climate-related damage such as rain, frost, and pollution by applying a water repellent treatment. These types of treatments require special equipment and should be carried out by a professional roofing contractor or cleaning company.

Cleaning the gutters

This is one of the simpler tasks if your roof is not particularly high. Using a small trowel and a bucket, first remove any large debris such as moss or dead leaves from the gutter. This will prevent clogging the downspout or downpipe. Rinsing the gutters with a hose or pressure washer should be sufficient to clean them and keep them free of rubbish. Finally, check if the drain needs to be cleaned.

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