Flat Roof Vapor Barrier.

A flat roof or deck is composed of several elements: the support, the roof slope, the vapor barrier, the insulation, the seal, the apertures and protection or roof covering.

Once the support is installed and the slope of the roof applied, a vapor barrier is installed on the roof. Its aim is to prevent moisture from infiltrating the insulation.

Insulating materials are very sensitive to moisture. It degrades and reduces their insulating qualities and capabilities.

Types of vapor barrier

Several types of vapor barriers exist, the two kinds most commonly used are:

  • roofing felt
  • aluminum foil

To choose the most suitable vapor barrier for the roof, home and lifestyle of the people, it is necessary to consider two factors:

  • The humidity: i.e. the pressure in the air humidity.
  • The mode of heating used in the home, especially the floor immediately below the roof

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