Flat Roof Support.

A flat roof or deck is composed of several elements: the support, the roof slope, the vapor barrier, the insulation, the seal, the apertures and protection or roof covering.

The flat roof or terrace is held up by a support, it fills the same role as the frame (for a pitched roof, for example).

flat roof support

Materials used for flat roof support

Three main materials are used for the support of the roof:

  • Masonry: Mainly a solid slab made of:
    • concrete
    • composite
    • reinforced steel, the concrete slab is cast in place 
    • a slab of reinforced aerated concrete, which is in the form of blocks assembled on site
  • Steel sheet:
    • in a house, this technique is associated with a reinforced concrete slab
    • ideal in homes with metal substructure
  • Wood or derived timber: The support, borne by a rigid and solid wooden or masonry structure, may be:
    • solid wood
    • plywood designed for outdoor use
    • Gypsum roofing boards (repellent treated)

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