Flat Roof Final Protection.

A flat roof or deck is composed of several elements: the support, the roof slope, the vapor barrier, the insulation, the seal, the apertures and protection or roof covering.

flat roof protection

The sealing layer and the other elements of the roof deck or terrace must be protected from the effects of:

  • heat and cold
  • traffic
  • weather
  • pollution

To do this, a final layer of protection is installed.

Different types of protection

Protection can be of several types:

  • aggregates, such as gravel
  • casting a screed, laying a pavement with a floor (of interlocking pavers or blocks)

In the case of a roof terrace garden:

  • it is generally walkable
  • it’s a real garden with a layer of soil about 30cm deep
  • there may be plants and even grass

Railing for a roof terrace

There are some recommendations regarding railings for terraced roofs:

  • The railing should be at a height of 34-38 inches above the roof surface.
  • If there are children, a full and opaque security railing is better. However, if you opt for a railing bar: This should have vertical bars to avoid children climbing.
  • The space between the vertical bars must be no more than 4 inches (US building code regulations) to prevent the passage of the head of a child.

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