How much does home construction cost ?

Home construction cost estimates.

Home construction in the US cost depends on a number of factors. Every home is unique and the construction process demands specific approaches. Generally, the cost of home constructions depends on the following factors:
  • The  design and specification : this is usually the starting point of home construction. You have to engage an architect to design the home according to your wishes.  The cost for hiring an architect is usually around 10% to 20 % of the total cost estimate meant for building the home.
  • The land and foundation : the type of land meant for the home construction matters a lot. It usually determines the kind of foundation, labor and materials which are going to be used. The foundation type is also very important. The kind of home you want to construct also determines the kind of foundation to use.  The three major foundation types in use are slab, Raised Perimeter and basements. Slab foundation costs around $6 to 10 per square foot with the labor and materials. Raised Perimeter foundation costs around $10 to 15 per square foot. Basement foundation also costs around $10-15 per square foot.
  • The  labor and materials involved : the labor and materials to be used are also very important in home constructions. The quality of the materials determines how successful the entire house project will be. The quality of the labor involved also determines how strong the construction will be.    It’s usually very important to engage the services of professional home building contractors who can carry out the project successfully. The labor and material prices are often included in the total cost home construction.
  • The Time frame for the construction : Home construction has an estimated time frame. A good contractor will be able to give you the right time frame for the completion of the project.

  • General cost estimates.

    Despite the reality of the factors listed above, you can still work with the general cost estimates of home constructions. You can get a good idea of how to go on with whatever home building project you may have in mind right here.

    New home construction in most areas in the US costs around $80 to $200 per square foot. However, this depends on the home style you’re building and other factors as earlier discussed. The National Association of Home Builders came up with a clue on the cost of home construction in their recent report. They reported that the average cost of building a house in the US is $79.67 per square foot. This excludes land, overhead cost, builder profit, marketing and other financial cost.

    In most of the states, home constructions have almost the same cost estimates. For instance the cost of building a standard sized home in Florida is around $150 to $250 per square foot. In San Diego, the cost estimate is around $100 – 200 per square foot. In Newfoundland, the price is around $100 - $150 per square foot. The same scenario is seen in all the various states of America. You can always have these given estimates in your mind anytime you want to construct a house.

    Meanwhile, there are other considerations you have to make. You have to consider the floor coverings, wall coverings, kitchen decoration, light fixtures and other aspects.

    In all, the bulk of the home construction work largely depends on your financial strength and the contractor you’re going to be using.  It’s never a good idea to start a house project and stop it halfway. You have to engage a good building adviser who can give you the total estimate for building the home. This will help you to plan ahead of time. There’s also the need to locate a reliable home building contractor you can rely on. You can engage well known home construction companies who can handle your project successfully. All you need is to create time to locate them online. You’ll always succeed in building your dream home when you take note of the details discussed above.
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