Heating Systems

Heating Systems: what are the options ?

Driven by the soaring costs of energy and environmental awareness, manufacturers now offer a wider variety of heating systems with increased efficiency. Therefore, your choice is better, but also more complicated.

This site will help you to understand and choose ...

  1. Which central heating system: combustion boiler, electrical, renewable energy? Radiators and / or underfloor heating?
  2. What type of boiler: gas , wood or oil?
  3. The best type of extra heating: electric or stove?

Central heating for the whole house

On this site we use the term central heating to mean a heating system designed for heating the whole house. That being clear, you can still choose from:

Combustion heating:  wood, oil or gas? These types of heating systems are renowned for their reliability and efficiency, although installation can involve a lot of work. The choice of wood as fuel is more environmentally friendly.

Electric heating: simply connect each heating unit to the mains electricity supply.

Renewable heating (ENR): there are two major types of ENR - heat pumps and solar. With solar, it is normally supplemented by an additional heater.

Mixed dual energy: Bi-energy is a combination of heating methods (conventional + renewable energy). Different combinations are available: wood + gas heating, heat pump + solar + conventional heating, etc.

Central heating may also be provided by heating systems which are often ignored:

boiler stove offers the combined advantages of a wood stove and a boiler which is connected to your water heating system.

fireplace can be fitted with a heat disperser or heat recovery apparatus and also serve as central heating throughout your home.

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