Boiler Stove

The boiler stove is a stove that connects to your heating system and supplies hot water to your radiators. It also enables the production of domestic hot water (DHW).

The boiler stove is a classic wood stove, it is a real furnace.

The boiler stove is connected to your central heating system and incorporates a heat exchanger. Water passes through the heat exchanger and is heated before returning to the circuit.

It can supply hot water to heaters, underfloor heating , a wall mounted heater, or domestic hot water.

This heating system has a triple action:

  1. The heater heats the boiler room in which it is installed, by radiation.
  2. It directly feeds the hot water radiators, underfloor heating, etc. 
  3. It accumulates the hot water in a storage tank for further distribution.

The boiler stove can be wood, pellet or mixed (using both fuels).

Advantages: fuel efficient

  • The boiler stove (gas or oil) can achieve significant energy savings
  • In addition, it uses the principle of afterburner which gives it a greater than 80% yield. 
  • The afterburner also ensures minimal pollution because it allows the burning of polluting gases from the combustion of wood first.

Finally, there are many models of boiler stove with different designs and power ratings.

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