Gas Water Heater

There are several types of water heater: The gas water heater, the electric water heater, the solar water heater and finally the thermodynamic (heat pump) water heater.

Gas water heater

The gas water heater works with either natural gas or with either propane or butane gas (to be stored in a tank).

The same as in a gas boiler, a burner is used to heat the water.

There are several types of installation for a gas water heater, depending on the model:

  • without any connection to a conduit
  • connection to a flue or chimney
  • connection to a suction pipe

There are two types of gas water heaters: gas water-storage heaters and tankless water heaters.

Gas water heater storage

Hot water accumulates in the hot water storage tank. So you have hot water throughout the day and it is maintained at a constant temperature.

Gas hot water heaters must be connected to a flue or suction pipe, that is to say, against an external wall and vented to the outside to allow for the passage of a concentric flue. In addition, it should be installed in a well ventilated area.

Tankless Water Heaters

The principle of an instantaneous gas water heater is heating the water on demand. To do this, it must be installed close to the point of use of hot water.

They are typically much less bulky than the storage water heaters and the installation is easy. However, temperature variations are more common with this type of gas water heater.

Maintenance of gas water heater

It is essential to maintain your gas water heater to ensure its proper operation and prevent any leakage of carbon monoxide. Regular cleaning is also necessary to maintain proper combustion. These maintenance operations must be performed by a professional once a year. This is normally included in a maintenance contract.

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