Heating Systems Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Maintenance of heating systems

Regular maintenance of your heating system guarantees its optimal performance and long life. It is essential for your comfort and maintains efficient running costs.

Specific maintenance will vary depending on particular heating systems:

  • Combustion heaters (boilers) must be maintained by a professional every year. It is recommended to opt for an annual maintenance contract.
  • The water heater should also be checked, especially if the system uses a gas water heater, as gas can pose a risk to your safety in case of failure or leakage of carbon dioxide.
  • The transmitting devices (radiators, underfloor heating, etc.) must also be maintained to ensure their proper operation. Maintenance required will differ depending on the energy used to transmit the heat: electricity or hot water.

Troubleshooting your heating system

The boiler, fireplace, heat pump, solar water heater, radiator or other heating troubleshooting is almost always an emergency situation.

The main difficulty is often to find a pro that can respond quickly. Indeed, once winter arrives, such emergency situations where heating systems are not working are numerous and many heating professionals are overworked. However, a lack of heat is always an emergency for the user.

To remedy this problem, taking out a maintenance and repair contract is the best solution. Most contracts will ensure coverage on a 24/7 basis.

Maintenance of the water heater

Whether electric , gas , thermodynamic or solar , your water heater must be maintained. An annual monitoring visit ensures proper operation and longevity.

The cleaning and maintenance differ depending on the type of water heater:

Maintenance of an electric water heater (or gas) includes:

  • scaling tank and resistance
  • checking the security
  • calibration of the control system (thermostat).

It is possible to opt for a maintenance contract for your water heater. This can be included in the maintenance of your central heating contract.

For a thermodynamic water heater, it is primarily to control the operation of the heat pump:

  • inspection of the heat pump: mandatory once every five years
  • control of the compressor
  • performance monitoring
  • leak check

Maintenance of a solar water heater is not required because it is not a safety issue. However, it is advisable to correct any problems that may undermine its performance.

Maintenance of your radiators

For the maintenance of the heating distribution system, the operations differ depending on the type of radiators but are achievable by yourself.

  • Electric heaters do not require special maintenance apart from regular dusting to ensure good heat dissipation.
  • Water radiators must be purged at the beginning of winter, possibly at the end, and if you hear noise in the pipes.

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