Electric Water Heater

There are several types of water heaters: the electric water heater, the gas water heater, the solar water heater and finally the thermodynamic (heat pump) water heater.

Operation of electric water heater

There are two types of electric water heaters:

  • the storage water heater
  • the tankless water heater

Electric water heater

This water heater consists of a tank to store hot water. It operates as follows:

The cold water enters the bottom of the water heater. It is then heated by an electrical resistance heating element:

  • either immersed directly in the water
  • or protected by a metal tube

Hot water accumulates at the top of the storage tank. The water stored is always available, waiting for you to use.

The storage water heater is ideal if you have an "off-peak" electricity option. It can be programmed to accumulate and thus consume the night rate "off-peak hours" and allow you to save money!

Tankless Water Heaters

Instant electric water heaters have no tank, which makes them much less imposing than storage water heaters.

It heats water on demand through an electrical resistor. Once the hot water tap is turned off, the heater stops heating.

Attention to the safety of your installation

The installation of an electric water heater must follow certain rules:

  • Any installation of electric water heaters must have a safety valve.
  • An electrical ground connection is required.
  • The installation must comply with state/local standards.
  • A hot water heater can be quite heavy:
  • If it is placed on the ground, ensure that the strength of your floor is sufficient.
  • If wall mounted, the installation must be carefully carried out to ensure integrity.
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