Heating Systems Optimzation

Depending on whether you need to change your heating system setup or just want to improve its performance, there are various options available:

Insulation: effective thermal insulation can reduce your heating needs by up to 60%!

Electric heating: up to 25% of heat from a radiator can be absorbed by the wall on which it is mounted. Using reflective coated inserts, with a thin layer of insulation between the wall and the radiator to reduce heat loss and improve efficiency.

Heating boiler: insulate pipes with the insulated rubber sheathing, fiberglass or thin insulation. 

Rejuvenate your old boiler: installing a modern, high-efficiency boiler, will make your heating system more efficient than using a boiler designed 20 years ago!

Condensing or low temperature boiler: an ecological system which allows energy savings up to 30%.

Convert your boiler fuel: changing the burner in your boiler is sometimes possible. This means that your oil fired boiler could become a wood or gas fuelled one. Make sure you consult and expert regarding any restrictions that may apply in your own case.

Heat pump: this is an increasingly popular solution.

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