Air Conditioning estimates : compare the prices.

Find below air conditioning estimates made by professionals so that you can get an idea of your works costs.

They are rough estimates corresponding to basic situations. If you are not able to price your projects by using these air conditioning estimates, you can also request for free quotes or read our article about air conditioning costs.

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Air Conditioning estimates from professionals.

others estimates :

Air conditioning estimate.

Project description : I want someone to install a central air conditioning system so that my house gets cooler in hot summers. My house is already installed with an Air Heating System. Please tell me the cost of this?
Estimate : $4000 approximately $3,000 to $5,000 to add central air to your house. This price includes the price of the unit as well as installation. To confirm after visit.
Estimates received : 4000 to 6000$.

Estimate to repair Air conditioning system.

Project description : air conditioning system need to be checked. Temperatures are not low enough. 1000 sf house.
Estimate : $50 We charge a $50 inspection fee, which if you go ahead and repair, then we’ll deduct from the final bill.
Estimates received : $50 - $100