Fireplace Heating System

Using the fireplace to heat your entire house is possible! Your fireplace turns into a real central heating system.

Turn your fireplace into central heating

Making your fireplace into central heating is possible thanks to two devices: the water recovery apparatus and heat diffuser.

Water recovery

A chimney can become a furnace by installing water recovery apparatus.

The principle is simple:

  • A network of tubes located in the hearth of the fireplace.
  • This network is connected to your central heating system.
  • The water will then flow through the tubes and heat through the chimney.
  • Once heated, the water goes back into your heating circuit to power your radiators , your floor heating system , your hot water, etc.

The heat diffuser

It is also possible to convert your fireplace into central heating with a heat disperser or distributor.

This system allows you to heat all the rooms of your home through a duct system that will redistribute the warm air from the fireplace:

  • A duct connected to a fan is installed in the fireplace hood.
  • The fan installed in the attic, draws warm air into the duct and redistributes it through ductwork around the home.
  • Each ventilator then blows the hot air into each room of your home through a vent.

Go through a pro for your installation

Converting your fireplace into central heating requires professional intervention.

The installation of a water recovery system requires no special modification since the tube network is simply placed in the hearth.

However, to connect the tubes to the central heating system, only a professional can guarantee an installation in accordance with current standards, which are essential for your safety.

The installation of this system can be stand-alone or paired with a boiler. It can also be coupled with a heat pump or solar collectors.

This applies even if you plan to turn your fireplace into central heating with a heat distributor.

The installation of ducts may be more or less complex depending on your property. In addition, only a professional will be able to properly size the system: length of ducts, fan power, etc.

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