Pitched Roof Shapes.

A pitched / sloped roof is constructed of various different components: the frame, the elements of insulation, the underlay screen, the ventilation of roof space, the roof covering, the water drainage system and apertures.

The pitched / sloping roof offers several choices of shapes and different aesthetic and technical qualities. The most common shapes are:

Single Slope:

the roof has only one side. It is found for example in some mountainous areas because it drains more easily and avoids the snow that accumulates, thus weighing on the structure, which may cause damage.

pitched roof shapes

Double sided / gabled roof:

the roof has two sides. This is the most common and simplest form


Four sided:

the roof has four equal sides, which join in the center at the top of the frame, generally forming a cubic shape.

hip roof

Mansard (gambrel style hipped roof):

A four sided sloped roof topped by a garret. It is often the lower slopes house dormer windows

mansard roof

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