Split Air Conditioner

There are two types of air conditioning: monoblock and split (two units or more).
A split air conditioner consists of:

  • An external unit normally located outside the house or apartment, possibly on a balcony or terrace or wall-mounted on a supporting bracket.
  • One (monosplit) or more (multisplit) internal units which disperse the cooled air.

Types of split air conditioning

There are typically four different types of split air conditioning:

  • Portable or mobile unit: the internal unit is connected to the outside by an exhaust duct.
  • Wall or window unit: air from the room is ducted directly outside through the wall or window.
  • Ducted system: cooled air is distributed through a ducting system which serves several different areas.
  • Cassette system: attaches to the ceiling and can save on space.

Where to locate air conditioning units ?

It is important to consider carefully the positioning of split air conditioning units so that they are efficient, comfortable and operate effectively. You should avoid locating them:

  • Facing the bed
  • Facing a sofa
  • Anywhere where the air dispersed will blow directly onto people

Internal wall mounted split air conditioning units should be:

  • Mounted a minimum height of 2m from the floor
  • Free from any obstructions to the airflow
  • Accessible for maintenance

External mounted split air conditioning units should be:

  • Installed in the open air, but sheltered from prevailing winds
  • Protected from the direct sunlight
  • Located away from windows to avoid the transmission of noise

Advantages of split air conditioning

The main advantage of split air conditioning is that it can cool multiple rooms or areas by using various internal units or diffusers. Installation also requires less modification to walls or windows than is required for room air conditioners. It is also more aesthetically pleasing, discreet and normally quieter than other air conditioning options.

Disadvantages of split air conditioning

Installation of the external part of a split air conditioner may require planning permission or a permit from your local building authority. The external unit is not very aesthetic, and can be considered noisy.

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