Inverter Technology

Inverter technology makes the system operate continuously and modulates the speed and the power system based on the outdoor temperature and your heating / cooling needs. An inverter air conditioning is similar to variable speed air conditioning.

Advantages of inverter technology

  • Provides a constant and adequate temperature
  • Avoids causing drafts
  • Guarantee of quality and constant ambient temperature
  • Saves up to 25% on energy consumption

Many air conditioning units and systems consume most energy when they are first started, in order to reach the correct temperature. With inverter technology it does not have to be restarted regularly, a bit like leaving a car engine running. This saves energy and costs less over time. These units are generally more robust and are designed to last longer.

Many major brands of air conditioning unit use inverter technology and units typically cost between 10 – 20% more than units without inverter technology.

Both central air conditioners and air sourced heat pumps are commonly utilized across the US. They are the best option to maintain comfort levels in zones where there is high humidity. Heat pumps are effective for heating and cooling in many southeastern states. These HVAC systems are rated based on the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), which is calculated as a ratio of the cooling output to the power input based on an average US climate. A higher SEER value means a more efficient air conditioner.

A minimum SEER of 14.5 (15.0 for particularly hot climates) is recommended. For all climates, consumers should purchase cooling equipment based on the ENERGY STAR level. Residents in areas with very hot-humid climate might consider even more advanced efficiency levels. These are outlined by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE). Utility companies may provide incentive programs for such equipment. The higher the EER rating the better the air conditioning unit in terms of efficiency and energy savings.

In extreme climates, it may be wise to consider an evaporative cooler

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