Monoblock Air Conditioning

This type of air conditioning unit (sometimes called a room air conditioner) is the cheapest of all. It is an integral air conditioning system which is housed in a single unit. Hot air is extracted from the room and discharged through an exhaust duct to the outside.

There are two common types of monoblock air conditioners:

  • Free-standing
  • Wall or window mounted

Free standing units are often mobile, mounted on wheels, and can be moved around the home as necessary. Wall or window air conditioner units are normally installed into a wall or window. They are more expensive but still quite efficient.

When should you use a monoblock air conditioning unit?

These units are not typically designed to cool large areas. They are not recommended for an area more than 30m2. For larger areas, a split air conditioner is recommended. Monoblock air conditioning units are ideal for small areas and occasional use.

Maintenance of monoblock air conditioning

These types of air conditioning unit require little maintenance other than dusting or cleaning the fan, and cleaning or changing the filter. There are also some models of monoblock air conditioner which are self-cleaning.

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