Gas Air Conditioning

Operation of natural gas air conditioning

This is a type of air conditioning using a heat pump either air/water or water/water which runs on natural gas. The heat is extracted from inside your home recovered by the refrigerant gas inside the air conditioner before being discharged to the outside. The heat collected may be used to provide hot water.

There are two main types of gas air conditioners:

  • Air conditioner or heat pump compression: the compressor is driven by a gas motor not an electric motor.
  • Heat pump absorption: the refrigerant circuit is driven by a thermo-chemical reaction generated by a gas burner.

Advantages of gas air conditioning

Cooling gas does not depend on the external temperature and can maintain good performance all year round. It is also reversible so it can provide heating in winter and cooling in summer. Refrigerants used are environmentally friendly. Gas air conditioners produce very little noise. Reduced power consumption means lower energy bills than with conventional electricity.

Disadvantages of gas air conditioning

It is a cumbersome system – principally used for collective housing such as apartment blocks.

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