How much does window cost ?

Replacing windows is no fun task. In addition to removing old windows that have affixed themselves to your existing home, you will need to choose the right size replacement windows that match your décor and budget. There are numerous types of windows available on the market today but the most common are wood and vinyl frame windows.

When deciding on the type of window that you want to use, make sure that you find one that has a high efficiency rating. Simply putting glass in your home will only accomplish keeping harsh outside elements out of your home. However, a low efficiency window will allow cold air to seep into your home and cause your heating bills to skyrocket. That is why it is important to spend a little extra on a high efficiency window as it will end up saving you money in the long run.

Vinyl & Wood Replacement Windows.

Vinyl and wood framed windows are the most common and most popular replacement windows used today. They allow for maximum efficiency and are lighter to hang than older metal frame windows. Both vinyl and wood replacement windows can be found in the same styles and the only difference is that one has a vinyl frame and the other has a wood frame (hence their names). It all comes down to the style of décor that you are looking for your home. If you have wood colored trim, you may want to choose a wood frame window or vice versa. Cost to replace a vinyl or wood window will typically run approximately $300 to $900 for an average size window (40” x 55”). This includes the price of the window as well as the installation.

Metal Frame Windows.

Metal frame windows are typically used on commercial properties but are also used in some residential homes. Metal frame windows will run you slightly less than vinyl replacement windows but are harder to install. As such, you will pay slightly less for the window but slightly more for the installation. The overall cost will be about the same as vinyl or wood replacements windows at $300 to $900 each.

Installation Cost.

If you have already purchased windows and just need them installed, you should plan on spending approximately $100 to $200 per window to complete the task. Prior to purchasing your own windows, it would be a good idea to receive an estimate from a contractor as they are often able (and willing) to sell you the replacement windows at cost which is usually cheaper than you can purchase them yourself.

Additional Price Consideration.

Depending on how old your windows are, they may be worth money. Some of the houses built in the 1950s and 1960s have brass or copper wire frames. The windows could actually be worth more than the scrap metal that they contain. Many people will purchase these windows and re-finish them to use in remodeled homes. This is extremely popular on the east coast of the United States where different building codes require that architecture of older homes remain the same.

The cost to replace your windows could run approximately 50% more if the frame of the home is damaged and needs to be repaired. This is common in some older houses where the frame of the window does not conform to current pre-built window sizes.

To get a better idea of costs, here are some window estimates from professionals.

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