How much does installing radiators cost ?

If you still have a radiator in your house and are thinking of upgrading to a gas forced air or electric heater, DON’T ! Radiator heating is the most efficient form of heating available today. They use simple water or steam to heat and also produce fewer emissions as a result. If it is the look that you are worried about, there are many customizations that can be done to give your radiator a more modern look.

There are two main kinds of radiators that can be purchased as part of your home radiator replacement project. The first is a cast iron radiator which is the oldest form of radiator heating. The second is an aluminum radiator which is commonly used to replace the cast iron radiator. Regardless of which one you choose, here is some information and pricing for each.

Cast Iron Radiators Prices.

Extremely hard to find and often need to be purchased from a company who refurbishes radiators, cast iron radiators are the oldest form of heating system in the United States. They involve running water from a boiler through the radiator pipes which then give off heat to warm the house. Many cast iron radiators that were installed 50+ years ago are still working today. That makes them very attractive for home owners who want a worry free way to heat their homes.

A cast iron radiator will generally cost you approximately $1,000 which will include the price of the radiator and installation. This price is to replace your old radiator with a new radiator and does not include the price to upgrade from a different type of heating system.

Aluminum Radiators Prices.

Aluminum radiators are now replacing cast iron radiators as a means of heating. They afford the same quality heat as a cast iron radiator but are not as heavy and are more readily available. They can be installed to use the same water and steam technology as the cast iron radiator; or, you can purchase electric versions which use electricity to heat the radiator pipes.

The cost for an aluminum radiator can run you anywhere from $300 to $800 depending on the size and number of heating pipes. This cost includes both the price of the unit and installation.

Installation Cost.

If you have already purchased your radiator and are just looking for an installation cost, plan on spending anywhere from $100 to $300 per unit for installation cost. The ultimate price will depend on the location of the radiator and how difficult it is to remove the old radiator.

Additional Price Consideration.

Many people retain their radiator heating systems as opposed to upgrading to gas forced air or electric. This is because radiator heating is the most efficient and produces the least amount of emission. However, with people wanting to spruce up their homes, many companies have invented different customized covers and boxes for these heaters. These covers give the “old” radiator look a “modern” look like a gas or electric heater.

If you currently have cast iron radiators, consider reconditioning them. There are services that will remove your radiator, sandblast the exterior, and refinish them in a color that you choose.

To get a better idea of costs, here are some radiator estimates from professionals.

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