How much does lighting cost ?

Transform the interior of your home with lighting ! The right lighting can change the look, feel and mood of any area of your home and it’s one of the least expensive home improvement projects you can undertake. Surprisingly it’s often overlooked when thinking about home improvements or lighting is the first item to be dropped from a project to cut costs.

Home improvement lighting costs vary depending on the effect you want to create. However, many lighting options are inexpensive, and even with installation by an approved contractor, within most people’s budget. Here is an idea of some typical home improvement lighting costs to give you some ideas.

Low Voltage Lighting Costs.

This type of lighting is becoming more and more popular as an addition or improvement to a home. There are many different styles and designs of low voltage lights for outdoor use on the driveway, deck, or in the garden. You can also consider solar powered lighting for driveways, gardens, and security lighting which will keep lighting costs down and are environmentally friendly.

Costs for low voltage lighting installation will normally include the light unit and the necessary accessories such as cables, clamps and fixings and should cost $150-$215 on average, per unit installed. An external wall-mounted spot light for example might cost $25-$35 typically for the unit and installation costs will vary depending you want it located. A modern up/down lighter might cost between $40-$50 plus installation. A fence post cap 12V light might cost $40-$90 depending on the style. Installation costs will depend on if there is already a power source accessible or if a new one has to be run to the post.

Installing deck lighting costs from as little as $165-$215 for an average sized deck, if a power feed is close by.

Typical costs for running new electric wiring for lights are between $150 and $200.

Recessed Lighting Costs.

If you’re building a new home, renovating, or remodeling an existing home then recessed lighting offers an excellent way to add a different dimension and provide functional lighting in many spaces. It’s clean, elegant, and makes spaces seem or feel bigger than before.

Typical recessed lighting costs are $150 per fixture including the lighting unit and switch, installed by an approved contractor or electrician.  Adding in a ‘dimmer’ function might add on another $25 to the lighting installation costs.

Pendant Lighting Costs

Traditionally pendant lights are one of the most popular styles of light, especially in main living areas. With a myriad of available designs; changing, upgrading or revamping your existing pendant lights can make a big visual impact on your home. Pendant lighting costs average around $190-$350 depending on the quality and design of the light fixture as well as access and complexity of installation.

Simple Lighting Ideas.

Many homes still have old, antiquated or inadequate lighting, which people get accustomed to over a period of time. Good lighting energizes a space and makes it easier to carry out daily tasks in some cases.

Lighting in the garden, driveway, porch and the hallway should be considered, as it helps give a good first impression for visitors and guests. Installing cabinet lighting in kitchens and ‘accent lighting’ for display areas can all add charm and elegance to your home. Lighting dimmers can also allow you to create different moods in any specific area of the home and can cost from as little as $80 installed.

Talk to a lighting designer and get estimates from licensed, registered electricians or contractors to find out more about lighting costs to transform your home. 

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