How much does garage remodeling cost ?

Who couldn’t use some extra space? It’s not always possible to find more to extend your home, but you could certainly think about better use of space you already have. Garage remodeling offers many opportunities and is a very cost effective option for getting additional space.

For many people, the garage is underutilized, often being used just as a handy place to throw old stuff that isn’t used often especially if nobody bothers to park the car in it, so why not consider turning the garage space into something more valuable and useful.

Quick & Cost Effective Space.

Garage remodeling can quickly and effectively provide the perfect space for a workshop, studio, home office or even an additional bedroom if the garage is an integral part of your home. You can still maintain some storage space, but with a little creativity your garage can become truly multifunctional and better utilized. If your garage forms part of the house structure it makes it even easier to extend essential utilities such as gas, water and electricity if required, to make it more functional.

Garage Remodeling Ideas.

If you think that there isn’t enough room for storage as well, then consider constructing a free standing storage shed away from the house, specifically for that purpose, and free up the garage for something more important.

Depending on the structure of your garage it may even be possible to add on space above it by simply raising the roof and building a room above the garage, if you want to keep the option of using the garage for parking and storage of tools etc.

Some other ways you can reuse the space in your garage are:

Laundry room: if you don’t already have one, then a garage makes a perfect place to convert into a laundry room. It also frees up some of the space used for that particular function at the moment, be it in the kitchen or possibly basement, and may be a more convenient option. According to realtors, a laundry room located upstairs is seen as a bonus by home buyers, rather than it being located downstairs.

Play room: if you have young children then the space available in the garage could be used to provide an extra area for their play activities, larger toys, climbing frames and so on, or as an activity studio for painting and craftwork.

Home office: it’s not always as easy as people think to work at home due to all the normal distractions going on, so a quiet space dedicated to a home office makes perfect sense, especially if you’re trying to run a business from home. In some cases it may even be worth considering giving up a rented office in town if you can do the same work from a home office and save some extra money and cut down on commuting time at the same time.

Garage Remodeling Costs.

For a little over $5000 you could be enjoying a remodeled garage. Here’s a breakdown of some of the typical garage remodeling costs:
  • Framing the interior walls, done by a carpenter, costs approximately $1.10 – $1.80 per square foot.
  • Installation of ceiling tiles, costs $3.90 – $6.90 per square foot.
  • Electrical circuit installation for appliances, costs $340 – $580 per circuit.
  • Installation of batt insulation in walls and ceiling, costs $1.35 – $2.35 per square foot.
  • Hanging sheetrock for walls, done by drywall contractor, costs $0.80 - $1.40 per square foot.
  • Plastering (skim coat) walls and ceiling, costs $0.45 – $0.80 per square foot.
  • Sealing of garage door and windows should cost between $40 and $80 per aperture depending on their exact size.
  • Installation of entry door (pre-hung), costs around $200 to $500 depending on style and material chosen.
  • Base molding installation, costs $3.40 – $5.90 per foot.
  • Vinyl tile flooring, costs $2.00 – $4.00 per square foot.
  • Installation of ceiling lighting, costs between $85 and $170 per fixture.
  • Electric baseboard heater installation, costs around $180 – $320.
Garage remodeling can give you that much needed additional space without a big budget while adding value to your home. It is estimated that around 70% of garage remodeling costs can be recovered if you decide to sell your home at some point in the future.

To get a better idea of costs, here are some remodeling estimates from professionals.

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