How much does a garage door cost ?

Whether you’re installing a new garage door as part of a home construction project or replacing an existing garage door because it’s dented or damaged beyond repair, making sure you get the best value for money is easy when you know what’s available and what to look for. Garage door costs range from a few hundred dollars for a single car to thousands of dollars for top line models so it’s best to decide what your needs are and choose accordingly.

If you’re planning to install a new garage door because your old one is damaged then you will be happy to know that installing a replacement garage door is actually among the top best home improvement projects you can do in terms of recovering the cost when you sell at a later date in the future.

Types of garage door

Garage doors come in a range of materials and which is best for you will depend on your circumstances, location, amount of use, and budget available.

Steel Garage Doors

One of the most common types, they come in various styles such as hollow, insulated on one side, or steel on both sides with an internal core of insulation material in the center (rather like a sandwich). They are low-maintenance and durable; they don’t cost the earth and last for a long time and can be painted. There are also many that come in styles which imitate a wood finish. However, steel is a poor insulator so the insulated garage door option provides better energy efficiency and also greater noise reduction.

For a hollow steel garage door expect to pay around $630 for a single door (8' x 7') to $950 for a double door (16' x 7') including new tracks, springs and perimeters stops. A 25 gauge steel door with insulation on the back and an R-value of 6.85 should costs around $680 for a single and $1,000 for a double. Sandwich type steel doors with internal insulation and R- value of 11 start at around $750 for a single door and $1,200 for a double.

Garage door installation costs should cost around $250 for a single door (8' x 7') to $350-$400 for a double (16' x 7') based on an average of 6 hours installation time.

Aluminum garage doors

These offer many of the advantages of steel doors but obviously they are much lighter; they are also less expensive, but unfortunately they dent much easier also so they can be easily damaged or dented by a basketball in the yard, for example. Aluminum garage costs start at around $580 and can cost over $1,000 depending on the design and finish. Installation costs are similar to those of steel garage doors.

Wooden garage doors

These offer traditional charm and are still very popular. They are very attractive and can add curb appeal to your home and while they are good at insulating they are a less efficient option than insulated steel garage doors in terms of energy conservation. Wood garage doors also require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. Of course you could always consider one of the modern wood composite garage doors which are much more durable, require less maintenance and look very attractive when painted or stained.

Wooden panel garage doors costs start at around $850 and can easily rise to over $2,000 for top quality Redwood versions. Installation costs, however, are similar to those for steel doors at around $250 for a single door to around $400 for a double door.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

These are not as common as the above types, but they are extremely light and durable. They are especially good in terms of being weather resistant in coastal areas where there is a lot of salt water as they fare much better than wooden or steel doors. Prices typically start at around $650 for a single door up to around $1,150 for a double door.  Installation costs are between $150 and $250 for standard sizes.

Other factors that affect garage door costs

When thinking about which type of garage door is best, you should bear in mind the cost, integrity of material, aesthetics, safety and the R-value of each type before making a final decision.  The type of garage door opener will also play a part in determining the overall cost.

Find out more about garage door costs by getting quotes from local contractors in your area and find out which type of garage door will be best for your needs.

To get a better idea of costs, here are some door estimates from professionals.

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