How much does a french door cost ?

Traditional French doors add a touch of elegance to any home and are also extremely practical offering more width than a standard single door. Whether they’re internal or external, French doors are sure to add to your home’s charm.
Internally located French doors can provide an elegant focal point for any main room while external French doors allow easy access to a patio, terrace or garden area, especially during family events and parties. They can help open up your home and make it seem more spacious.

French door costs will vary depending on the type of wood, UPVC or other material used in their construction. The size and exactly what’s involved in the installation process will also affect French door costs as a home improvement project.

Replacement French Door Costs.

If you’re simply upgrading existing French doors then the costs will mainly be the new doors plus installation costs. Good quality French doors made of Brazilian Mahogany in a standard size of 6' wide x 6'8" high, suitable for external use, start at around $650 per pair for 1-panel doors which have dual insulated and tempered glass units fitted, ready to be hung in the existing frame.

For a 10-panel glass French door set constructed in a traditional rustic style for external use, costs start at around $1200, again including tempered and insulated glazing units.

Red Oak French doors start at around $1850 with two matching side-lites for a normal sized 10-panel door set.

A beveled glass, floral design French door set costs around $1650 for external use.

French Door Installation Costs.

The costs of installing French doors will depend on the structure of your home, location and various other factors involved. If the installer does not have to do any structural work such as making the opening wider or taller then you should budget from $300 to $600 to simply hang or install the new doors in an existing frame.

Average French Door Costs

The average French door costs across the USA are around $850 for materials and $300-$350 for simple replacement installation.

Opening a Wall to Install French Doors.

If you’re installing French doors in a closed wall then the contractor or installer will have to open the wall and may need to insert a lintel at the top of the opening to bear the weight of the wall. This involves a lot more and could cost in the region of $1000 or more and require building permits and a structural engineer’s report which may cost around $500, if it’s a load bearing wall in the case of installing external French doors.

If you’re fitting French doors internally and the wall is drywall or plaster finished and not solid stone and non-load bearing, then making the doorway opening will be a lot cheaper.

Another popular option is replacing an external window with French doors. This has the advantage that part of the opening is already made and it just needs to be enlarged to accept the French doors in many cases. However, it’s still necessary to check with a structural engineer or contractor to make sure that enlarging the opening will not pose any problem.

Estimates for French Doors.

You should get at least three estimates from local French door contractors who will be able to advise you about the particular requirements for installing French doors in your home and if any building permits will be required.

To get a better idea of costs, here are some door estimates from professionals.

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