How much does fence cost ?

Cost estimates for building fences.

Fences are very necessary for security purposes in erected buildings. If you’re thinking of having a fence round your house, you’ve got to know the cost estimates and every other process involved. There are specific factors to consider when thinking of building a quality fence and its cost estimate. Let’s examine this.

Types of fences.

There are several kinds of fences used for diverse purposes. They usually have diverse shapes when constructed. You have to decide on the type of fence you want to build before thinking of the cost estimate. Fences can be categorized either by function or by construction.

By function, we have the following:
  • Temporary fence for security
  • Agricultural fence meant to protect  livestock
  • Perimeter fence for trespass prevention
  • Decorative fence for beauty purposes
  • Pet Fence for safeguarding pets in a house
  • Boundary fence for security purposes
  • Snow fence meant to guard against snow
  • Pool fence  for protection  when using a pool
By construction, we have the following :
  • Chain link fence
  • Concrete fence
  • Hurdle fence
  • Picket fence
  • Post and rail fence
  • Round pole fence
  • Vinyl fence
  • Wattle fence
  • Wire fence and so on
Any of these fence types can be used for residential or commercial purposes. It depends on your choice and what you have in mind. Each fence type also requires special materials and installation processes. All these affect the actual cost estimates for each of them.  Let’s examine this.

Cost estimates per foot.

Generally, fences of all types cost around $8 to $30 per foot. It all depends on the type and the materials involved. The price can also be higher if the installation cost is added. Here are some specifications:

Chain link fence costs around $8 to $10 per foot. It’s usually erected with steel materials. In most cases, the prevailing cost of the   steel materials determines the total cost of erecting Chain link fence.

Wooden fence cost around $9 to $12 per foot. This is mainly for a 4 foot fence. It can also cost around $15 to $20 for a 6 foot fence.

Ornamental Steel Fence costs around $20 to $ 30 per foot. It’s usually built with steel and iron materials. In most cases, the materials can be very expensive and this affects the actual price per foot.

Vinyl fence costs around $20 to $25 per square foot. It’s mainly used for commercial purposes. Rich individuals can also use it for their private homes.

Other Points to Note

  • Fencing Materials : the actual cost per foot for fences mainly depends on the type of fence you want to erect. There are specific materials and tools required for each fence type. You have to make proper inquiries from the right dealers before you agree to make payments. It’s important you go for quality materials when thinking of building a fence. Using the services of fence contractor can be very helpful.
  • Installation : installing a fence demands a lot ! In some cases, the installation cost may be included in the actual price per foot. This is usually the case when you’re dealing with a big fence company. Such a company will include the installation cost to the prices being offered. However, the case can be different if you’re using a local contractor. You have to pay him a different installation fee for doing the job. It’s always very important to negotiate the installation cost clearly with the contractor in order to meet up with your demands.

With the information above, building a fence for your house will always be successful. You have to make sure you engage a reliable fence contractor to help you out.

To get a better idea of costs, here are some fence estimates from professionals.

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