Brick & Stone Cleaning Costs.

Cleaning masonry and brickwork is commonly carried out after new construction or as part of a renovation project. In the case of new construction, cleaning eliminates traces and residues that occur naturally during the construction process, and when renovating brick or masonry, cleaning can help revive and restore the original beauty of brickwork or stonework of a building.

Costs of Brick Cleaning with High Pressure Water.

This method has been common in restoration and renovation work for many years and is now becoming popular as a means of cleaning brick and stone on new build projects as well.

Brick or stone cleaning using high pressure water involves using a high pressure gun which allows the operator to apply a special cleaning solution directly onto the brick or masonry surface.  This system is highly effective and efficient and reduces costs compared to manual cleaning methods previously employed. 
However, great care is needed in the application as the cleaning solution is very powerful and may damage surrounding areas or indeed the brickwork or masonry itself if not applied correctly.

Costs can vary depending on the exact nature of the cleaning, the type of cleaning solutions required, and access to the area requiring cleaning.  A rate of 25 to 30 cents per square foot is an average, although most contractors have a minimum call out charge. Typical average costs vary based on the size of the area to be cleaned and can range from $300 for a 2,000 square foot home to $520 for a 4,000 square foot home, including the cleaning of driveways, curbs and walkways.

Problems with Brick Discoloration or Staining.

Brick and masonry can suffer damage due to exposure to the elements over a long period of time. Some common problems which occur are staining and discoloration. Specialist cleaners can solve most common problems associated with stained or discolored brickwork and masonry by cleaning or using special tints to color the brick or masonry work to blend in with the original again.

Costs for these specialized treatments are around $1.00 to $6.00 per square foot depending on the type of problem.

Brick & Masonry Sandblasting.

Very fine grade sand, quartz or granite is blasted at the surface in question which removes, by process of abrasion, the imperfections or grime and accumulated dirt from the brick or stonework. Application requires a lot of care due to the high pressure involved and the fact that if incorrectly applied can result in damaging the surface of the brick or stone.

Sandblasting costs typically run between $45 to $60 per hour for specialist operators plus $50 for materials (a 50 pound bag of sand typically). It takes an average of 6 hours or so to clean a normal 1200 square foot home, so costs are around 26 to 30 cents per square foot including material. If your home requires a lot of preparation work before the actual process of sandblasting can begin then you will have to factor in this extra cost.
Also bear in mind that there is a minimum charge of $500-$600 by many companies no matter how small the job is, as the setup and dismantling costs are the same if it’s a small job or a big job. The larger the area to be cleaned, the lower the cost per square foot, as the transport and setting up costs are spread over a larger area.

It’s best to get several estimates from specialist brick and masonry cleaning contractors in your area and explain exactly what the problem is in order to estimate more accurately the brick or masonry cleaning costs for your home or project.

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