How much do boiler and installation cost ?

Boilers are mainly used as part of the heating system in most homes. All over the cities in the US, home boilers are used for diverse purposes. They serve great purposes especially in keeping the house warm and making hot water available. If you’re thinking of getting a good boiler for your home, you have to know more about the price estimates. Basically, boiler prices depend on some   factors. Let’s examine them.

Cost factors.

  •  The boiler  type : the type of the boiler you need determines the price. Basically there are different types of boilers. Among them include: Conventional or Open vented boiler, sealed boiler, Combination boiler or Combi, and some others. Each type of boiler works in a specific manner. Each of them has specific energy rating and other specifications. You have to check them before you make a choice.
  • The Boiler brand : there are also various brands of boiler out there. They are made by various companies. When looking for the best brand, you have to focus on the most popular. You can also make inquiries about their brands before you purchase.
  • The Fuel Type for the boilers : Boilers have 4 major fuel types. These include gas, oil, and solid fuel, electric. Boilers using gas normally have tanks or bottles with them. Boilers using oil do have separate storage tanks for the oil. The types using solid fuel have storage tank with them while the electric boilers are simply connected to an electric source.
  • The Boiler size : boilers showcase in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some are very big while others medium sized. Some others are also of smaller sizes. This affects their cost in the boiler market.
  • The Building work required : if there are building or electrical works needed for the installation of the boiler, they can affect the total cost of the boiler.
  • Installation : the installation of the boiler requires a professional plumber. In most cases, the boiler dealer can as well serve as the installer while in other cases; you have to hire a different plumber to do the job for you. This can affect the total cost. Some dealers have separate prices for installing the boilers while major dealers include the installation cost in the total cost of the boiler unit.
  • Cost Estimates.

    The general cost estimates for boilers is around $2500 - $4000 for simple units.  The cost for higher efficiency boilers is around $5000-$10000. This actually depends on the factors discussed above.

    Additional Costs and Considerations.

    • If you’re replacing an old boiler with a new one, a fire inspection service may be required. This is usually the case in some US cities. The cost is around $25 to $75 per visit.
    • A chimney liner may be required when replacing an old boiler with a new one.  This costs around$300 to $800.
    • Removing an old boiler fuel tank from its base may cost around $300 - $500.

    In all, there’s a need to purchase your boiler from a reliable dealer. It’s important you make proper inquires from various sources. There are many boiler dealers offering the best price rates online. You have to take time to compare the prices they are offering before you agree to pay up.  There’s also the need to pick a reliable contactor or an expert to install the boiler for you. It’s usually better to purchase a boiler from a company and also allow the company to install it for you. All you need is to pay extra cash for the installation.

    To get a better idea of costs, here are some boiler estimates from professionals.

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