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Find below tree services estimates made by professionals so that you can get an idea of your works costs.

They are rough estimates corresponding to basic situations. If you are not able to price your projects by using these tree services estimates, you can also request for free quotes or read our article about tree services prices.

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Tree Services estimates from professionals.

others estimates :

Trimming estimate.

Project description : I am interested about trimming 4-5 trees at my home. Please inform me how much will be cost for trimming 4-5 trees.
Estimate : $480 let plan 480$.
Estimates received : 300 to 500$.

Cut down estimate.

Project description : I have bought an old house. I have a big ground in my house and I am willing to make the ground a restaurant for extra earnings. I want to build an outside kitchen for the restaurant. But to do this, I will need to cut down 2 big oak trees. I don’t know how much I need to uproot these trees. Can anyone help me out on this?
Estimate : $1 000 i estimate the job around 1000$. free by now.
Estimates received : 1000 to 3000$.
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