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Find below home addition estimates made by professionals so that you can get an idea of your works costs.

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Home Addition estimates from professionals.

others estimates :

Home addition estimate.

Project description : I built a small home for my wife and me approximately 30 years ago. Now my rooms seem to become smaller as my family members and furniture increase. I want to increase space of my home. But for now, I will start with expanding my living from to 20X20 from the existing 14X14.
Estimate : $8 500 According to you, the home is not too old. 30 years is an average age of home. So, you don't need to pay much. Something between $8000-$9000 would be enough.
Estimates received : 8 500 to 12 000$.

Home addition estimate for kitchen.

Project description : I need to build an additional kitchen at my home, preferably at the outdoor. I will need a sink, a refrigerator, gas stove and surrounding cabinets. Standard flooring will work, no need to make expensive floor.
Estimate : $3 000 Actually, the price of building a kitchen may vary a lot. According to your provided information, this kitchen will cost you something like $3000.
Estimates received : 2 000 to 3 000$.
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