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Find below carpet estimates made by professionals so that you can get an idea of your works costs.

They are rough estimates corresponding to basic situations. If you are not able to price your projects by using these carpet estimates, you can also request for free quotes or read our article about carpet costs.

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Carpet estimates from professionals.

others estimates :

Carpet replacing estimate.

Project description : I am looking for a standard quote for carpeting in my home. My existing carpet has become old and looks bad. I want to change the carpets of my living room and bedrooms. There are two bedrooms in the project and each of their size is 15X15. And the size of my living room is 18X18. I don’t have any carpet bought, by the way. Thanks.
Estimate : $1 700 $1700 including installation and carpeting of 2 bedrooms and living room.
Estimates received : $1 700 to $2 500.

Carpet repairing estimate.

Project description : I want some of my carpets to be repaired. My existing carpet has become old and I have want to change the carpets of my living room and bedrooms and have submitted a request for quote in your website. Now, I want to know about the carpets in my dining room and servant’s quarter. Also about my bathroom and kitchen if possible.
Estimate : $325 $300-350 Seems like you want to repair all the carpets in your home. If you go for an average carpet with average finishing, you won't need more than $300-350
Estimates received : $200 to $400

carpet cleaning estimate.

Project description : I need my hall and living room carpet deep/steam cleaned, about 300 square feet total.
Estimate : $105 Steam cleaning and stain removal for carpets, $75 for the living room and $30 for the hallway (not including carpeted staircase). $105.00 for both carpets.
Estimates received : Estimates from $90 to $130
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